How to stay comfortable on a plane

How to stay comfortable on a plane

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Overview of the airport I arrived at.

What I wore to the airport- Leggings and UGGS.

But to stay more comfortable, I changed into my Aeropostale sweats.

I like to watch tons of movies to make time fly faster. Also, I like to wrap myself into a blanket when I watch them.

Listening to music is always a comfortable way to let time fly fast. Especially when you're cuddled in your warm seat and have your eyes closed.

If your ears start hurting from either taking off or landing, ear plugs are an essential to make your ride more relaxing.

You could always play the airplane games with the controller (if they do have a controller). The plane I took was China Eastern Airlines, other planes may have game controllers too.

Or, just play games on your iPhone like me, haha. REMEMBER: Always put your phone on airplane mode when on a plane. Or just shut it off completely.

Or, you could always just turn off the light and go to sleep like me. Although sleeping on planes isn't the most comfortable, it will give you more energy once you get off your flight.

And yes, I was actually travelling when I made this guide. My flight was 13 hours long and I still have enough energy to finish making this guide! If all fails, sleep will be your best friend!

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