How to make old fashioned potato salad

How to make old fashioned potato salad

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Dice potatoes, put in pot of water,bring to a boil, add salt and cook until tender.

Boil eggs

Chop onions and sweet pickles.

Drain potatoes and let cool then transfer to a bowl

Cool eggs and peel. ( worst part). Yuk!

TOO MAKE MIXTURE Add mayonnaise, mustard and sweet pickle juice and stir together until mixed thoroughly

Add onions and pickles and mix with potatoes. Next add mayo & mustard mixture, mix all together

Stir the mixture thoroughly. If too dry,make more mixture and add to potatoes

Chop the boiled eggs and mix. Add some salt and pepper mix all together. If too dry add more mixture to potatoes

Finished! Now let chill in the fridge

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