How to do the same make up pattern for smokey or natural

How to do the same make up pattern for smokey or natural

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The black and blue can be substituted for brown or any other color for a more natural look

Eye primer makes the eye shadow stay on all day without creasing. I prefer Shadow Insurance from Sephora, 18 bucks

Rub it all over, especially under your eye

Choose the darkest color you plan to use for this step

Angle your brush and sweep downward a few times UNDERNEATH the waterline about halfway. (Or a bit less for more natural)

Do the same for the top, but only 1/3 of the way across. Drag the brush towards the center but try to keep it closest to your waterline

Brighten your eyes with white or silver

Apply it from the bottom corner closest to your nose and drag across until it reaches the dark line

Highlight your face with a neutral or white color

Outwards from center of eye brow out to the end. Blend

And at that little pocket beside your nose

And at the corner of your eye

Looks like this

Pull apart a q tip

Lightly roll it around in the dark color you initially used (or if going natural just use a neutral color)

If you chose a dark color lightly run the Q tip along your crease line in the center downwards following the crease

Color in the rest of the lid with a grey, blue or brown for smokey or neutral for natural. If you chose to go dark, use the Q tip method, or a cotton ball if it is too dark to pull some of it off

The cotton ball cleans it up, or you can use it to drag the smokiness higher towards your brow

Give yourself cheekbones by pulling up and out

There. Natural look! Smokey works great like this too. Good luck !

Watch the video: TRY THIS!! Easy 5 Minute Smokey Eye Trick (May 2022).


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