How to install 2" custom wood blinds

How to install 2

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All of the tools & products you will need.

Note: I use a hex-head drill bit & screws but others will work just fine.

Place the blind in the window and attach your valence clips to the valence.

Measure how long your valence returns are to determine where to place your brackets. **Note: if you don't have any valence returns, push the brackets back as far as they can go.

You may want to mark/measure where your brackets will go. (I have a lot of experience, so I skipped this step & drilled one screw into the bracket.)

Two well placed screws are all you need for each bracket. Once the brackets are up, slide in the headrail of the blind.

Make sure the "garage door" is securely closed to prevent injuries.

Attach the valence clips to the headrail. Note: valence clips vary slightly, but all serve the same purpose. These clips are magnetic.

Let the blind down & enjoy the privacy and shade of your new 2" wood blind.

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