How to nourish winter lips

How to nourish winter lips

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I prefer light brown sugar but you can use any type of sugar that you have! Also, olive oil can be substituted for any oil in your pantry.

Mix about a spoonful of sugar with a tiny bit of oil, only as much as you need to fully moisten all the dry sugar. If you don't want to include honey in your scrub, you can stop here!

If you want, you can microwave the mixture for a maximum of about 10 seconds to soften it.

Add honey: only about half of a spoonful, too much will make the scrub sticky!

Mix the honey in with the sugar and oil.

If you want a softer scrub, you can mix in a heavy oil or moisturizer such as castor oil or Vaseline (they will add lots of softness). I just included my favorite lip gloss!

Scrub away! Lean over the sink (excess will drop), and use finger to scrub small amounts into lips. Longer you scrub- softer your lips!

Rinse lips with warm water, and don't forget to protect your fresh lips with any nourishing lip balm or gloss.

Any excess mix can be stored in the fridge for future use, make sure it's covered! (Plastic wrap will work)

Watch the video: Easy Winter Lip Care Routine. Best Home Remedies u0026 Lip Care Tips By Dr. Anupriya Goel (May 2022).


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