How to make lemon honey

How to make lemon honey

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I saw in an article that this lemon honey drink can aid in weight loss, detox and beauty.

You'll need: 1 clean glass jar (I gulp down the whole bottle of Choya & recycled the bottle :)) 3 lemons 500g 100% pure honey Salt to clean the lemon Chopping board & knife

Scrub the yellow fellas with the salt, spa time!!

Then wash off the salt

Slice the lemons

Put them all into the bottle & pour the honey in.

Tada! But that's not the end yet.

Place in in the fridge for 5 days. Remember to visit it everyday to shake it so that the honey & lemon juice will blend together.

It'll look like these after 5 days & remember never to use metal spoon. Use wooden, plastic, or porcelain spoon to stir 60ml of honey into a glass of chill or room temperature water.

Yummilicious!! :)

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