How to prepare your fridge

How to prepare your fridge

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Twice a month I get my fridge prepared for the weeks to come

I snack bag the grapes

Chop the onions

Rinse the lettuce

Chop the peppers

I cut these two ways, this really makes it easy to grab and cook

I do the same with the mixed bells

I chop and bag the celery adding the ends to a bowl for my Guinea pig

I slice the cucumbers, these are perfect snacks or use for water

I add hummus to containers

See you can grab a cucumber and a hummus

Organize the cheese drawer

Make snack cheeses, the kids have these with apples

Cheese is done

Add carrot shaving to Guinea pig food

Rinse, cut, and bag carrots

Mix up Guinea pig food

There done

Tomatoes and mushrooms don't get sliced, just remove from steams and place in a brown paper bag

Fridge is now stocked and ready

Put everything into the fridge

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