How to teach your dog to play the piano in a day

How to teach your dog to play the piano in a day

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Always use TINY treats for training (kibbles, or break up milk bones). Making your dog overweight causes health problems, so think small. A tiny bite is reward to them & takes less time to chew.

Use the same VERBAL command while physically showing the dog what you want.

I said "Play the Piano" every time I placed her paw on the keys... Then immediately followed with a treat & praise. Dogs love to please us.

She loved the treat, attention & praise & after about 12 times showing her, she'd do it on command! LOTS of PRAISE plus a treat was all she wanted. She learned in the first day.

Food rewards give dogs incentive to please you & aids training! Dogs ALSO need & love PRAISE! Once they learn a trick, you can alternate between a treat & a petting. Always use verbal praise!

Now your dog can entertain your guests!

Now that she knows this trick so well, she'll even do it when I don't ask her, then look at me, after which I praise her and pet her and she is so happy to get that!

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