How to make peanut butter popcorn

How to make peanut butter popcorn

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Gather supplies. I'll be using the large pot with a lid to pop my popcorn. If you have an air popper that works to. Just don't use microwave popcorn. Yuck.

You'll need a half cup of each: popcorn kernels, sugar, peanut butter and honey. Plus a splash of oil if you're cooking your popcorn on the stove top.

Combine honey, sugar and peanut butter in a small pan. Cook at medium high heat.

Cook your popcorn. My method: a splash of oil. 1/2 cup of kernels. Medium heat.

Keep an eye on the sauce. It will stick and burn so try to keep stirring it...

When your first kernel pops....

Cover with a loose fitting lid and give it a good shake

Keep stirring.

Once your popcorn is popped, set it aside.

Both the popcorn and sauce need to be hot once you're ready to combine the two. If the popcorn is cold, the sauce won't spread. It's best to cook both the sauce and the popcorn at the same time.

When the sauce boils, it's ready. Time to coat the popcorn. You need to work fast. It's very sticky but with get hard as it cools.

Place a third of the popcorn in your bowl and top with a third of the sauce. Mix until incorporated. Repeat until you've used all the sauce and popcorn. A rubber spatula works best.

Allow to cool for about 5 minutes. Your popcorn will feel slightly sticky - but all the sauce stays stuck to the popcorn and won't stick to your hands. Try it tonight!!

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