How to stretch a duck by the neck.

How to stretch a duck by the neck.

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Our friends always seems to know when something good is been cooked so they just turn up. I love it. So this duck needs to feed 7 instead of 4. See tab for ingredients ⬇

The minced chicken and salt goes into the bowl. Let the machine do the stirring for 5 minutes. Add egg and about 1/2 a cup of milk.

Grate your onion. Leave the top on, it will make it easier to handle. Do the same if you are chopping the onion. Add to the mince.

Juniper and a picture of my new measuring spoon.I just love gadgets.

Crush the juniper and add to the mince together with the finely chopped apple, prunes and apricots. I'm using the same mix of fruits to stuff the duck with. Add thyme and pepper.

Cut off the excess skin from the neck. Turn it inside out and peel off the fat with your fingers. use your knife to pin down the slippery skin.

Chop the fat and add a bit of it to the mince. Use the rest next time you are roasting potatoes. Simply wonderful.

My needle is discoloured because I sterilised it in a flame. Sew bottom together using cotton kitchen string. If there are any holes sew them as well. Leave the top open for the stuffing.

Fry a small meat ball to taste if the seasoning is ok. Stuff the skin using your fingers.

Don't over stuff as the meat inside will expand when cooking. Leftover stuffing is going in the freezer and will be a nice meatloaf later this month.

Roast it in the oven for 1,5 hours at 320°F/160°C

All done.

Slice it up and serve with the duck. The sugar glazed potatoes are a Danish must with duck.

It is also nice in a sandwich. This can be done with the neck skin from Turkey and goose as well.

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