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Radio: Redoing the Front Door

 Radio: Redoing the Front Door

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Your front door is the face your home presents to the world. It sets your house's style and tone. So if your entry isn't as welcoming as you'd like, maybe it's time for a change.

Listen to ON REDOING THE FRONT DOOR or read the text below:

Decorating your door is the easiest upgrade. Possibilities include simply hanging a seasonal wreath, adding a traditional or whimsical knocker, or investing in new door hardware.

A sharp new paint job in a complementary or striking color goes a long way toward brightening an entry. Even just placing planters on either side of the door will draw attention to your entry while adding texture and seasonal color.

Exterior lighting also offers great opportunities for enhancing your entry. Add exterior lights, either sconces flanking the door or a dramatic hanging fixture, to make your home both safer and more welcoming. If you already have exterior lighting, change up the fixtures to give your entry the punch of style it needs.

If your front door can't be decorated out of its doldrums, replacement may be your best bet. You can just switch it out for a newer model, but don't miss this opportunity to make a grand statement. Enlarging the entry and adding sidelights or a transom will give you a more imposing entrance and increase the natural light in your front hall.

And remember, although renovating your entry boosts curb appeal and resale value, it should be about welcoming the people who really count-you, your family, and friends.

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