How to make naturally flavored water

How to make naturally flavored water

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Fill your favorite reusable water bottle with fresh, clean water. Why choose reusable bottles over disposable, plastic bottles? To save $ and reduce the number of plastic bottles in our landfills.

There are lots of natural fruits & vegetables you can choose from to flavor plain water. My favorites are blueberries, lemons, cucumbers, peaches and pineapple. They're full of healthful nutrients.

Rinse and drain excess water from fresh blueberries.

Wash and dice fresh stone fruits - like peaches. Stone fruits are rich in vitamins A, C and E, fiber, and potassium. Put extra fruit in a storage container to snack on later.

Fill your bottle with water. Add a few slices of cucumber, or a few berries, or the fruit of your choice. But add just a little - not the entire piece of fruit/veggie.

Drink to your health by avoiding unnecessary calories and potentially harmful additives!

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