How to cook healthy cheap baby food

How to cook healthy cheap baby food

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With this recipe you can use beef bones or chicken parts (remove skin on chicken keep the meat and bones for flavour) you can also substitute any type of veggie you like; potatoes, zucchini, leek etc

Supplies; I've left out risotto for now as they will be added in towards the end.

You can either use a large pot/saucepan or slow cooker. I've chosen a slow cooker as Ill forget it on the stove and probably burn it. But I will talk thru stove steps as well

Prepare the veggies, peel and cut into big chunks doesn't need to be neat as it will break up during cooking & mashed or blended at the end.

Wash veggies

I've decided to add one potatoe as well, peel, wash add to basket.

Add protein, veggies, water. Add boiling water if using slow cooker to save time/energy. If using pot add cold water bring to boil and reduce heat to a low simmer. Replace lid for slow cooker

Now we wait for 2hours, stirring occasionally/checking

Check if protein is soft if it falls of the bone pull it out and pick off all the meat, doesn't matter if there is not much meat as the stock is just as good and babies love veggies too! discard bones

Shred meat, discard bone and loose fatty parts

Abit like this. Return to your pot/cooker and add risotto cover again continue to simmer for another 30minutes

Now do a bit of taste testing at this stage u can add a pinch of salt & sugar. If your happy with it you can now use a potatoe masher and break down the stew or put it in a blender.

Younger babies will need it puréed. From 8-9mths onward you can have it quiet lumpy whichever you feel is suitable for your child.

Should look a bit like this before smashing

On completion!! Mm yummy.. Can use for toddlers as well as babies.

I have filled 6 avent containers here, but have left over for possibly two more containers and dinner tonight for baby!

Pop them in freezer & they will keep for two weeks so best to mark them. When reheating in microwave for 2min30sec on 1000W microwave or 3mins for lower watts. Add a bit of water on top before heating



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