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Radio: Tool Tip - Pliers

 Radio: Tool Tip - Pliers

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The tool we think of as pliers only evolved from “tongs” fairly recently, but it's hard to imagine life without a variety of them in the old toolbox.

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For electrical work, you need lineman's pliers. These have insulated handles and shallow serrations on the jaws to grip sheet metal and twist wires, as well as a handy built-in wire cutter.

For plumbing, you'll want a pair of water-pump pliers, designed for gripping pipes and angled to get into tight spots.

The double-lever action of locking pliers exerts a tremendous amount of force to clamp things together while you work.

It's also a good idea to have a pair of slip-joint pliers handy. They're not that precise, but their adjustable jaw width allows a lot of versatility for jobs you just can't do with your bare hands.

If it's precision you need, you want needlenose pliers, which look just like they sound.

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