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3 Products for Mounting Your Tablet Device

3 Products for Mounting Your Tablet Device

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Tablets are designed to be functional as well as beautifull, so why not display your iPad as if it were an art work, or at least mount the device on your wall for hands-free use?

Mobile-device mounts for walls, dashboards, and appliances already exist, and they can be pretty darn convenient, as phones and tablets are able to control an increasing number of conditions, electronics, and appliances around the house.

Here are some products you should know about:

The PadTab

The PadTab by PadTab. This two-piece, clear plastic bracket fastener sells for $20. A strong adhesive holds the larger piece on the back of the tablet, while a smaller hook fixes the first piece to your wall. Reciprocal tabs interlock to hold the tablet horizontally or vertically. It's possible to misalign the tabs, however, so be careful! This is a simple product to install and use, though many iPad owners would sooner glue a bracket to a puppy than to a tablet.


AirHolder by Lookbad. It's the Terminator of tablet holders. Screw-mounted to walls with an arm that swivels, telescopes, and bends, the AirHolder can make your tablet screen easily visible from just about any position you find yourself in. On the manufacturer's site, one photo shows the product installed in a bathroom-on many levels, too much information!


ProClip by ProClip USA. Designed primarily for mounting on car dashboards and headrests, these are inexpensive brackets for more kinds of devices and more makers of cars than I knew existed. Other than the obvious problem of driver distraction, ProClip offers a nearly perfect product.

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