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Radio: Tool Tip - Laser Level

 Radio: Tool Tip - Laser Level

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No workshop should be without levels in various lengths, but for lines longer than 3' or 4', traditional bubble levels don't work well. Enter the laser level.

Listen to ON LASER LEVELS or read the text below:

For between $15 and $100, a fixed laser level throws a level red beam against a wall or floor, which can be used as a guide for framing, trim, shelves or any numbers of projects where you need a level line over the width of the wall.

For projects requiring a level line spanning around the entire room, you'll need a rotary laser level. These cost more, between $200 and $1,000, and are usually mounted on a tripod in the center of the room so they can cast a 360-degree laser line around the room, like a super accurate chalk line on all four walls.

It can also show a vertical line hitting walls, ceiling, and floor simultaneously, for a super accurate plumb line. This can come in really handy if you're framing a irregular space, like a basement, where you can't use the existing walls as a reference.

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